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        View of the Russian Church of the Ascension on the Mt. of Olives; from the southern  wall of the Old City of Jerusalem

On February 15, 2002 I landed at Ben Gurion Airport in the late afternoon.   As I exited the terminal I asked, "Sharoot?"  That is to say, "Where is a passenger van?" with a very limited Hebrew vocabulary.  I was then able to see the vans and drivers.  I approached a group of drivers waiting to fill their vans with enough passengers to depart.  The next word out of my mouth was, "Jerusalem."  

As the sun sank towards the horizon I worried about not getting my baggage to my room before Shabbat.  Shabbat or the Sabbath began at sun down about 5:55 that day.  There were puddles in the fields after months of more than average rainfall.  I was let out last at the Jaffa Gate of the Old City and walked from the gate to a place where I had reservations.  I was invited to a Shabbat supper in the guesthouse.  I was soon with other English speaking foreign tourists and was glad to have arrived safely in Jerusalem.  After 10 days touring Israel I returned home.  The photos on these pages are from my 2002 journey with some from other journeys also.

David Q. Hall