By:  David Hall

Tell Dan
Caesarea Philippi
Old Jerusalem
palm market
Tell Beersheva
Timnah Park


This was the Arab Quarter of the Old City.  This section was in the vicinity of the "Via Dolorosa".  There was a sign indicating the cobbled section of street in the back ground was from the Roman period.  Some streets in the Arab quarter were not wide enough for autos, but in ancient times similar size streets were trodden by donkeys carrying loads to the market.  Jerusalem was 80% Jewish during my visit.

During 2006 I got a guided tour and the guide told me these cobbles were taken from a layer 3 meters below the street and brought to the surface to show the type of street that was used in Roman times.

City of David - April 2005

This is the view below the south wall of the Old City.  The Kidron Valley to the right and an extension of the Tyropoeon Valley to the left.  The Tyropoeon was filled in in later times, but was probably close to the road from near the wall at the top down towards the bottom left.  These modern houses were built over what was the City of David, Jerusalem during the time of David about 1000 BC.  Ancient remains from the times of the Judean king were found along the eastern/right slope of this ridge.  Late Roman quarrying destroyed some of the early remains.