By:  David Hall

Tell Dan
Caesarea Philippi
Old Jerusalem
palm market
Tell Beersheva
Timnah Park

Photo of the Jordan River at Tell Dan.
                                  A river flowing from the streams issuing out of the cracks at Tel Dan(1999)

      The British conquered Palestine during WWI.  The British legalized Jewish settlement during a time when Jewish settlers had already bought land in the area.  The British drew the border for Palestine near the springs of Tell Dan.  These springs are some of the strongest springs in the area issuing forth from a fractured basalt hill near the base of Mt. Hermon.  Such springs as where the water flowed out with great force were called artesian springs.  In the late summer the area might be fragrant with the scent of the fig trees.  The Israelis bottled water from the spring and sold it as Eden spring water.  

A thick canopy of fig trees covers spring at Tel Dan

This photo (below) was taken in Tell Dan Park.  The remains of an Israeli fortress with local basalt walls has been unearthed.  It was occupied from the 3rd millennium BC onward.  A portion of a basalt stele with a 9th or 8th century BC inscription "House of David" (Kingdom of Judah) was found by an archaeological expedition digging at the site.  The photo shows an Israeli "high place," steps leading up to a platform where people went to worship.

A restored Israeli altar/high place near the top of Tel Dan looking north to Lebanon (9/2003)